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A Successful Debut

We're now celebrating completion of our inaugural series of ActLiveNow classes.

The response to our mission, of connecting world class directors with actors seeking to take their craft to the next level, has been extremely positive.

This January, we will be increasing our reach by adding more highly qualified directors to the ActLiveNow roster. And we're expanding our curriculum to meet the needs of actors at all levels, from those seeking to experience the thrill of acting to seasoned professionals.

Our spring session will commence this January with an impressive selection of affordable, real-time courses. With our online reach and small classes sizes, you are now able to experience the craft of acting from anywhere in the world.

Whether you are on the east coast, west coast, or anywhere in-between, ActLiveNow is here to bring the thrill of acting right to the comfort of your home. So register for our ActLiveNow Newsletter and be notified immediately of our exciting new classes.

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