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Which acting class is right for you?

Interested in acting classes but not sure which of one is right for you?

We currently have 4 very different classes: Trust the Text with Hannah Ryan,

Essential Craft Preparation with Peter Frisch, Acting Without Limits with Jeanette Knight and Finding the Funny with Samantha Goldstein.

Whether new or pro, Hannah Ryan’s Trust the Text will give you a roadmap to a complete understanding of your role. You'll learn to approach new and developing pieces of theatre with an action based objective. Learn more/sign-up. Peter Frisch’s Essential Craft Preparation will open your eyes to new and creative ways to develop and express your character. Students will be encouraged to approach their work boldly and with a spirited sense of play. Learn more/sign-up. In Acting Without Limits, Jeanette Knight's patient guidance will help you break through barriers of confidence, polish your performance and take you to your next level. Learn more/sign up. Lastly (but certainly not least), for a really fun experience, Samantha Goldstein’s hilarious comedy class Finding The Funny, will help you to find your comedic voice. Learn more/sign-up.

Still not sure which class is right for you? Contact us. We're here to help!

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